Apple Bites

I love my iMac and my iPad. I also love my Linux box and my Linux laptop. I strongly dislike Windows and most Microsoft products. I prefer emacs over vi but I am falling in love with BBEdit. Just so you know. Having said all that, this is funny:

And then, there is the Three Button Mouse Phenomenon.

Hat Tip: Melody


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  2. #2 Uncle Glenny
    September 7, 2012

    BBEdit is good stuff. I’ve use it heavily now for plain text editing and have used it sporadically even in the distant past (maybe to version 4 or even 3 nearly 20 years ago) and have been a happily paying and upgrading customer for at probably a decade now. I really like the current project stuff, but never made use of its other capabilities because, basically, I didn’t program in the languages it supported. (More correctly I should say that when I did, I was in a milieu where this wouldn’t have worked because we weren’t using Macs. I’m a long-time Mac user but only work-wise used Macs for 5 years when working for Apple.)

    Check out Clozure Common Lisp. The editor in that is vaguely Emacs based. (I don’t actually know it or use it, just that it’s somewhat derived from Macintosh Common Lisp, which had an editor which I pushed to be more emacs-compatible. And “emacs-compatible” is sort of loosely-defined, given that what most people think of “emacs” is not the TECO-based Stallman-written one.)

  3. #3 GrayGaffer
    September 8, 2012

    Your readers may like to know there is a freeware variant of BBEdit called TextWrangler. It really only lacks the full set of HTML markup tools. Also, of course, from (I am not affiliated with them, but just have used them since their original version o these maby moons ago. I also use BBEdit since I am a proffessional programmer).