Archives for October 6, 2012

Jean Philippe Rushton is Dead

No matter how much one may have disagreed with a colleague in life, no matter how much damage one might feel a particular person’s work may have done, when that colleague finally dies one says a few good words, pays respect, and puts aside past differences.

So What if Mitt Romney Kills Big Bird?

Would it really matter? What would really happen? Science blogger Kevin Zelnio has the story: A Post-PBS Educational Television Landscape What is the bottom line of Kevin’s post? Well, go read it and find out. And for when you get back from Kevin’s post, here is Rick Santorum letting the genie out of the bottle:

Same Sex Marriage in Minnesota

We’ve been talking about marriage, and we’ll continue that conversation. But for now I just wanted to alert you to the fact that a big chunk of money, allegedly about 2 million bucks from one person, has been given to the anti-same sex marriage organization, “National Organization for Marriage,” and it is expected that this…