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… Continued … Well, we were living with this ghost who would walk up and down the hall in the middle of the night, invisibly leaving behind only the sound of its footsteps. But before I tell you how this all came out, I want to tell you a related side story. As I had…

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Check it out: Thank you Sarah! Here’s the Sungudogo Page in case you want to experience the pain of reading it too! (I mean the good kind of pain, of course.)

… Continued … So there we were in the Haunted Guest Quarters of the Old Infirmary, and I had already heard the ghost once. In the morning, my colleague and BFF Lynne who was staying with us for a couple of days noted that she had heard the mysterious footsteps as well….

Everything I’m about to tell you in this story is true.1 This is a long story, so it will span more than one blog post. You might not want to read this story while you are alone or while sitting in the dark.2

… in the last ten years. Here’s Bill Maher: