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A wild GNU was spotted at some sort of event organized by a computer company named “Microsoft” which was launching a new version of its operating system. The GNU, accompanied by some friends carrying literature related to the widely used Unix-like operating system, GNU/Linux, did not cause any damage or harm to the attendees, but…

Barack Obama Killed Osama bin Laden

No relation. But anyway, he also did this:

Before I go any farther I’d like to note, with concern, that the automatic spellchecker thingie on the computer I’m using does not recognize the word Ixnay. Ameshfulsnay. Anyway, this is fun, and important, about Ryan telling lies. And by “fun” I meant “very disturbing.” Thank you Rachel Maddow for doing what you do.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson former chief of staff to Colin Powell is very blunt and candid about racism in the Republican party.

Obama on Climate Change on MTV

Quite a bit of detail:

Obama Admits to Kenyan Upbringing

Michele Bachmann Controls Erik Paulsen

Which is why I’m voting for Brian Barnes in my congressional district.

Women for Romney

Obviously, a lot of women are going to vote for Mitt Romney. Otherwise the numbers would be way skewed. But there is this thing that any women thinking of voting for Mitt Romney should watch, a video made by some women that I think are not planning on voting for him. Check out their message.…

Somebody asked me about colic and Chiropractic treatments. The evidence for: One or more very small studies suggest that some kids have upper spinal “damage” associated with childbirth, and some Chiropractors carried out minor “manipulation” thus reducing the colic. This evidence is very weak, as the assertion that there is an upper spinal damage syndrome…