It costs a little over 300 bucks per show to put Atheists Talk on the air. You’ve heard Don Prothero, Jennifr McCreight, John Hawks, Kevin Zelnio, John Abraham, Shaw Otto, Maggie Koerth Baker, Ed Brayton, Desiree Schell, Martin Rundkvist, Yusie Chow, Neil deGrasse Tyson, PZ Myers, Ira Flatow, Lynn Fellman, Genie Scott of NCSE, Masimo Pigliucci on the show (and those are just the shows I did!). Lots of science and skepticism. I hear they do some Atheism and stuff too.

We need to raise enough money over the next few weeks to put the show on for another year, and today there is this “day of giving” thing that you can donate to and this is a good thing somehow for reasons I’m not entirely clear on, but it is good.

Here is what you need to do: CLICK HERE and give money to MN Atheists, then let us know via email or in some other way how much of that money you want to go just to the Radio Show.

Thank you very much.