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Get your Godless Money Here!

Minnesota Atheists is auctioning off a rare $20.00 bill that does not say “In God We Trust” on it. I’ve already placed my first bid of $36.66! Go here to check it out. Good luck!

One Billion Rising

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, molestation, physical attack, misogyny, abuse. Followed by one billion angry women kicking the patriarchy in the ass. You have been warned.

Can Greenland Be Saved?

Glaciologist Jason Box describes a post-warming world that you won’t even be able to recognize.

Global Temperatures since 1850

Anthropogenic global warming is a long term phenomenon that is caused by the release of Carbon, in the form of Carbon Dioxide, from fossil deposits, though burning of fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. There are other human causes as well, but some of those relate to the use of fossil fuels (such…

Many aspects of Superbowl XLVII

History, Culture, Math and the Superbowl Roman Numerals? What the heck does Exel Vee Aye Aye mean anyway? Does anybody really know? The Superbowl may be one of the few places where we count above three in Roman Numerals anyway. I assume this is a subtle reference to the gladiatorial aspects of the contest. Which…

Crazy Smart Crows and Migrating Animals

Skeptically Speaking #198 is now available for your listening pleasure. The main part of the show has Desiree Schell interviewing James Gould, co-author of Nature‚Äôs Compass: The Mystery of Animal Navigation. The 15 minute side bar has Desiree interviewing me about recent research on the New Caledonian crows (this research). Visit the Skeptically Speaking site…

Hey, did anybody go to the 2012 fair? I couldn’t make it. Let me know how it went. Anyway, the 2013 fair will be at a new location, leading Har Mar to say “Creation Science Fair, why hath thou forsaken me?” Here’s the details for this year’s Creation Science Fair: 2013 Home School Science Fair…