Get your Godless Money Here!

Minnesota Atheists is auctioning off a rare $20.00 bill that does not say “In God We Trust” on it. I’ve already placed my first bid of $36.66! Go here to check it out. Good luck!


  1. #1 Frank
    February 2, 2013

    What a waist of time.

  2. #2 James Smith
    João Pessoa, Brazil
    February 2, 2013

    Is this an old, pre-religious hysteria bill? I don’t think I have ever even heard of one.

  3. #3 Paul S.
    February 2, 2013

    Ironically, the earliest US currency did not have the “In God We Trust” motto on it – that was introduced during the US Civil War.

    Any US money made in the last 150 years without the motto is probably due to an error in production.

  4. #4 Twin Cities Naturalist
    February 2, 2013

    Frank, I don’t see what anyone’s waistline has to do with this.

  5. #5 Carla Akins
    February 3, 2013

    IN GOD WE TRUST was first used on paper money in 1957. * I agree, I have no idea why it would have anything to do with anyone’s waistline.