Dropbox for iPhone

I know you probably already knew this, but I just discovered it and it works so well I wanted to pass it on. I installed Dropbox on my iPhone. Dropbox (in its current incarnation) more or less assumes that you are doing this to handle photographs. You have the option of forcing Dropbox to only use wifi to transfer photos from your phone to your Dropbox account (recommended) and you have the option of background transfers (I think that is also a good idea). The photographs are given file names that start with the year, then the month, then the day, etc. which is exactly what you want. They will be placed in a folder Dropbox will make called “Camera Uploads” (though that name may be something you can set somewhere, I’m not sure). After the photos are uploaded you can delete them from your iPhone.

This is a good thing.


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  2. #2 Jason
    January 3, 2014

    I use dropbox solely for backing up my iphone camera roll until a can move all the pictures off my phone and onto my local hard drive. I also let iCloud back them up but dropbox is way better. Photos are some of my most important data! You can never have too many back ups of your important data. I have way too many pictures for dropbox to back them all up for free so I use Copy from Barracuda as my main cloud storage. They give 15gb of cloud storage for free, and if you use the referral link below, we’ll both get an extra 5gb for free! It’s a nice website and easy to use. I’m up to like 50gb so far! Dropbox is more universal and is much more integrated in apps but the 2gb of free space just isn’t enough for my needs. Check out Copy if you need more space. This link will get you an extra 5gb for a total of 20gb to start!