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Stratigraphy and Site Formation

From Time Team America: Fort James, South Dakota In 1865, a unit of cavalry soldiers thought they had volunteered to fight in the Civil War. Instead, they found themselves sent west to keep the peace between incoming pioneer settlers and the Sioux Indians in what is now South Dakota. Upon their arrival, the soldiers built…

The National Park Service (NPS) and the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) excavated nine archaeological sites along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon during three years of fieldwork. The NPS/MNA excavation project was the first major archaeological excavation to occur along the river corridor in Grand Canyon in nearly 40 years. The NPS has…

Archaeology: Holocene Europe

Europe’s Oldest Town? Bulgarian archaeologists led by Professor Doctor Vasil Nikolov, from the National Archaeology Institute and Museum, claim to have discovered one of the oldest towns in Europe, in north-east Bulgaria. Dr. Nikolov, who has been studying the area for many years, located the town near the salt pans in the vicinity of Provadia…


Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) sample collection demonstrated and explained by Darrin Lowery:

This is a bit of the excellent documentary “The Human Spark” featuring my friend John Shea teaching Alan Alda how to be a good hominid. No actual animals were speared during this video.

A bit of documentary on the Donner Party: Donner Party Archaeology and Forensic Science Donald L Hardesty discusses the archaeology and forensic science used at the Donner Party camp sites in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This is a good video, but I can’t embed it, but go have a look.

Climate Threats, Climate Future

A few items of interest from the intertubes: Mann: Reality and threats of climate change are clear This is a guest column in the Times Dispatch by climate scientist Michael Mann discussing ongoing legal issues. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli certainly has some odd characters coming to his defense in this paper for his attempts to…

Yosemite Rim Fire Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the areas threatened by the Yosemite Rim Fire. Hat Tip Mother Jones

Climate science denialist Christopher Monckton wrote a post at WUWT blog in which he describes the non-existent stall in global warming. At the end of the post he writes: Meanwhile, enjoy what warmth you can get. A math geek with a track-record of getting stuff right tells me we are in for 0.5 CÂș of…

First, watch it: Then, go here to sign the petition!!!!! A while back a few of us were talking about naming storms and droughts after climate denialists. Maybe this petition will help make that happen!