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Archaeology: Holocene Europe

Europe’s Oldest Town? Bulgarian archaeologists led by Professor Doctor Vasil Nikolov, from the National Archaeology Institute and Museum, claim to have discovered one of the oldest towns in Europe, in north-east Bulgaria. Dr. Nikolov, who has been studying the area for many years, located the town near the salt pans in the vicinity of Provadia…


Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) sample collection demonstrated and explained by Darrin Lowery:

This is a bit of the excellent documentary “The Human Spark” featuring my friend John Shea teaching Alan Alda how to be a good hominid. No actual animals were speared during this video.

A bit of documentary on the Donner Party: Donner Party Archaeology and Forensic Science Donald L Hardesty discusses the archaeology and forensic science used at the Donner Party camp sites in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This is a good video, but I can’t embed it, but go have a look.