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I just heard about this: University of Manitoba climatologist among three killed in fatal crash in Arctic Ocean A Manitoba researcher is dead after a helicopter crashed into the Arctic Ocean Monday evening. The University of Manitoba climatologist, Klaus Hochheim, was among three people who died in the crash, which happened around 7 p.m. CST…

New NRA program makes total sense

Black NRA from Sarah Silverman

Ethanol Falsehood Examined

Learning is easy. Getting it right is harder. Expunging falsehoods is hardest, but most rewarding. There is a “meme” (using the definition of a meme as something most people in a certain community think whether it is true or not) that to produce one gallon of Ethanol for fuel you have to use some larger…

Drought, Flood and Back Again

From Paul Douglas: Much of the Upper Midwest could use a good soaking. Hard to believe when we started July, most of the Midwest was drought free. WeatherNation Chief Meteorologist Paul Douglas says in 35 years in the weather business, he’s never seen such sudden changes. Hence the term: “Flash Drought“