Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!! Danger!!!

Tonight, November 19th, at the “end of the day” (not clear when that is, probably depends on time zones) Scienceblogs.com will be put in a coma while a server upgrade is implemented. The site will be revived some time tomorrow, November 20th, and after that everything will be fine. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG BECAUSE WE ARE MERELY REPLACING ALL OF THE HARDWARE AND THAT’S NO PROBLEM, RIGHT?

So, starting at the end of the day, comments left on the blog will be erased. There will be no new blogging until we get the all clear signal from HQ. You will have to survive without us.

Even now as I type this the server is flailing about cutting in and out. This upgrade is severely needed. See you on the other side, amigos.



  1. #1 Greg Laden
    November 20, 2013

    Test comment.