Sungudogo Second Edition

As you know, I wrote a novella as part of a fundraiser a while back. It is called “Sungudogo” and it is the story of the origin of the Skeptics movement and modern cryptozoology.

SearchForSungudogoIt is also an adventure story in which the protagonists, Archer Mallows and Pat Soffer, travel across the unforgiving landscape of the Western Rift Valley and Congo’s rainforest in search of an elusive, possibly non-existing primate known as Sungudogo. (The term “Sungudogo” comes from the KiNguana/KiSwahili words for “ape” and “small.”)

I’ve rewritten the story to address two major flaws: The beginning sucked and the end sucked. Now, I hope, they suck less.

If you purchased this book from Amazon (or somewhere) the updated version should become available to you automatically. The new version is here. If you would like a review copy just let me know and I’ll send you an eVersion of the book.