Remember the bloggies, aka The Weblog Awards? Over the last couple of years, climate science denialists gamed the system to ensure that most of the nominees, and the top “winners,” would be recognized by the Weblog Awards as the top science site. Rumor has it that they cheated to do this, but I don’t know what really happened. What I do know is that even the most popular climate science denialist sites don’t get any where near the amount of traffic as certain major science sites. Generally, as an internet poll, the Weblog Awards are a game-able system and do not reflect people’s real interests or activities.

Last year a bunch of us tried to communicate this problem with the guy who runs the Weblog Awards but he was incredibly dense about it, claiming to not understand what was going on, and being generally annoying.

A few things have been written about the Weblog awards over the years, including:

Climate sceptics ‘capture’ the Bloggies’ science category

Why does the science community shun the Bloggies?

Bizarro world ‘Bloggies’ finalist for Best Science Blog is … anti-science website WattsUpWithThat

Another sign of the death of Science in America

Climate Denial and Manufacturing Legitimacy

Some of us, including Bora Zivkovic, suggested that they could determine which sites were actual science sites by using certain resources that were available and still are available, but again, the guy who runs the award didn’t seem to understand or at least, wasn’t willing to make his award legitimate.

Well, it’s Weblog Award nomination time again, and guess what? The Weblog Awards no longer has a science category. We are provide with the following nonsense explanation:

“Best Science or Technology Weblog has been discontinued due to concentrated nominations and lack of technology nominations”

What does that even mean? If there was a lack of technology nominations, why not call it a “science” category? “Concentrated nominations” must be the science denailists. Anyway, instead of fixing the problem, caused by Anthony Watts and the other science denailists, Mr. Bloggie threw science under the bus.

This is why can’t have nice things.

Anyway, Watts and his crew, and other science denialists sites still intend to win a Bloggie this year. Among the nominations are a handful of science denialist sites that have put themselves in the “Best topical weblog” category.

So, next year, will we see this announcement?

“Best Topical Weblog has been discontinued due to concentrated nominations and lack of … ah … whatever.”


  1. #1 Kevin MacDonald
    United Kingdom
    March 2, 2014

    Over the last couple of years, climate science denialists gamed the system to ensure that most of the nominees, and the top “winners,” would be recognized by the Weblog Awards as the top science site

    I got to thinking after last years results that it would be easy to demonstrate the gaming by having the rational sites mimic it and nominate

    Denial Depot

    . I’m slightly disappointed that this is no longer an option (but only “slightly” because I know I’m too lazy to organise it myself).

  2. #2 Kevin MacDonald
    March 2, 2014

    Ah, drunk, that should read Denial Depot, not

    Denial Depot


  3. #3 G
    March 2, 2014

    The guy who runs the Bloggies can’t be _that_ stupid, in which case he’s pretending, for some ulterior reason.

    The way to fight that is to de-legitimize him by whatever means are likely to work. Satire is especially effective in cases like this.

    Satire is also protected speech when it comes to the copyright laws: it’s 100% legal to appropriate someone else’s copyrighted or trademarked material for purposes of making fun of it.

    One way to blow up this guy’s little empire is to go right up to the edge of the law with satirical use of his intellectual property (for this, get pro-bono work from IP lawyers and get their legal opinions in writing), and then goad him into suing . When his lawsuit self-combusts and goes down in a blaze of ignominy, he ends up looking like a complete ass and his credibility is toast.

  4. #4 Greg Ladenstein
    March 2, 2014

    It’s nice to meet you, Greg. What a short shill career, but at least we can see where the two copies of my title shill up.
    Thanks for the info, your last paragraph above just backfired on ya…didnt capt. pickar say that? 🙂
    Sounds like you get paid to praise Nasa. Like your choice of ads, too.

  5. #5 Greg Ladenstein
    March 2, 2014

    Your english has improved much. 🙂

    You don’t mind if we do the “guy’s little empire” thing right back at you, do you?
    Ugly is what ugly does.

  6. #6 Sou
    March 2, 2014

    The Bloggies is now equivalent to asking readers of InfoWars to vote for the world’s best investigative journalist and giving them a choice of: James Delingpole, Anthony Watts, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Bill O’Reilly, SteveSGoddard, Lady GaGa, Elvis Presley or Justin Bieber (I don’t know who the last one is but I see his name a lot). Elvis would probably cadge a fair few votes 🙂

    I can’t think any self-respecting blogger would allow their name to be associated with it.

  7. #7 G
    March 2, 2014

    Ha, it worked, and here he is. To paraphrase a famous arachnid, ‘welcome to our parlour.’ Speaking of correct English, NASA is an acronym, all-caps. Proper nouns are always spelt in the manner specified by their owner. And it was ‘the guy’s little empire,’ not ‘the little guy’s empire,’ though your misquote is ‘interesting’ in the manner of a Freudian slip.

    Sou: good one. Let’s not forget Wakefield and Merola whilst we’re at it, and Ickes with his secret reptilian overlords, not to mention Lyndon LaRouche and his ‘shocking exposé’ that the Queen is in league with the international drug cartels. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ought to be on the list too, and neither last nor least, L.Ron Hubbard and Glenn Beck.

  8. #8 Philip
    March 3, 2014

    Greg –
    “Rumor has it that they cheated to do this, but I don’t know what really happened.”

    I don’t have a smoking gun, but I do have an educated guess. Occasionally Grist is inundated by swarms of septics who otherwise never comment there. Some examples:

    The sudden appearance of so many who otherwise never comment there indicates some kind of coordination. Whether it’s a wink from Drudge or a nod from Watts I don’t know, but coincidence can be ruled out.

    What makes this even more interesting is that we here again see the septics doing exactly what they, without any evidence, accuse their opponents of: manifesting herd-like behavior. Also, while they accuse others of being involved in a vast conspiracy, they’re the only ones who exhibit anything close to conspiratorial behavior.

  9. #9 HarryWiggs
    March 3, 2014

    At Lucia’s Blackboard, very *explicit* instructions were given on how to game the Bloggies.

  10. #10 G
    March 3, 2014

    Harry @ 9: Is there a URL for ‘Lucia’s Blackboard’ where we can see this stuff?

    Phili @ 8: Conspiracy theory is one part of conspiracy thinking, another part being the willingness to engage in conspiracies. For example if you think there’s a conspiracy to get you, you’re more likely to engage in a conspiracy to get ‘them.’

  11. #11 HarryWiggs
    March 3, 2014

    Do not have the link, and if Lucia’s not redacted her blog, take a loook right around the same time, last year, when the Bloggie nominations took place. IIRC, Lucia actually wrote a program–and broadcast it there–on how to game the votes.

  12. #12 ligne
    March 3, 2014

    Sou> well duh: that’s because they’re secretly all the same person 😉

    tbh, the “science” category became an irredeemable joke when Tallbloke’s “relativity is wrong, æther 4eva!” repository of mental was nominated last year (though i realise it was nominated for its AGW denial content). that should lay to rest any lingering doubts that their conception of science is utterly broken.

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