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No Way Home

When wildebeest, such as those famous for crossing the Mara River in Tanzania during their annual migration, run into a crocodile or some other danger it is often the first time they’ve seen that particular thing. This is because most wildebeest don’t live very long so many are on their very first migration. One wonders…

Antidorcas marsupialis

Also known as the “Anti-Dork Antelope.” Not really. These are springbok. The springbok has four remarkable characteristics. It is among the most dramatically colored of the antelopes, with the starkest contrast between the dark lateral stripe and the light brown (above) and white (below) fur. It is the fastest of the antelopes, by far. Lions…


Taurotragus oryx, Kalahari, South Africa.

The White Browed Sparrow Weaver

Plocepasser mahali (subspecies stentor?) and friends. Kalahari, South Africa.