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Being a Voyeur of Religion, Politely

This is a post I wrote elsewhere, a while ago, and just realized was never put on this blog, so here it is. I thought of this post and the topic because of the recent data of the Ms Jesus Scroll, which does indeed appear to be old. But they are still arguing about it,…

Quiet down the atheists

When Atheists talk, people listen. Then, they tell them to shut up. David Phillip Norris of the Twin Cities recently wrote an article for MNPost called With talk of tolerance and equality, one group is still forgotten: atheists. This was written as a reflection on the just finished and rather dramatic fight against an anti…

Americans and citizens of some of the most Islamic countries tend to agree that it is a force acting on the side of good. Many Europeans say the opposite. There is a rough correlation between the religiosity of a country and how much religion is revered (duh) as a primarily good thing.

It was Blasphemy that led me to Atheism by a somewhat circuitous yet in the end well marked path. This is the story of my first step on that path.

Except Atheists and Jews. They know stuff. Watch Penn Jillette take a quiz on religion: I love this quote: “I gave my daughter a bible. That’s how you make atheists.”

Is Obama really a Muslim?

Or is he merely …. an atheist?

A good example of appeasement

… can be found here, in this talk by William Phillips speaking at the AAAS:

Yeah, I used to go to the Town Hall a lot, when I worked a couple of blocks away. I still stop there for lunch now and then when I’ve got something to do on the West Bank campus of The U or nearby downtown. But no longer. Recently, an atheist-linked event was scheduled there,…

God, Darwin … or Both?

Speaking of Accommodationism and New Atheism and stuff, check out this 10 year old discussion:

According to a Social Analysis who has studied the issue. Gillard is the new Prime Minister of Oz.