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“Dick Shake”

Religious right to judge: “Shut Up.”

Richard Dawkins to Arrest Pope*

Rumor has it that Richard Dawkins, along with Christopher Hitchens, plan to use the same legal gambit that allowed the arrest of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1998, to arrest Pope Benedict XVI for his alleged involvement in the cover-up of Catholic priest sexual abuse cases. Do you think Dawkins has gone to far?

BAT 2010: The Secular School

This is my belated contribution to Blogging Against Theocracy.

I don’t know what to think about this. Remember the prom, where the lesbian girl wanted to wear a tux (gasp!) and bring her girlfriend (gasp) so the local already known to be wacked out school district shut the prom down? You may also know that the ACLU organized an alternate prom, and has been…

I recently posted an appeal for help for Minnesota’s Camp Quest, and one commenter noted that atheists should not have summer camps. Others have chimed in with reasons why that commenter was wrong. Here, I’d like to tell a simple story of one girl’s experience and why it may have been better for her to…

Perhaps not what you’d think. This is not about appeasement. It is about not being a racist slob.

Ethics and morality sans religion

You probably don’t know that I went to Harvard, because I rarely mention it, but I did, and when I was there I literally worked and studied around the Divinity school. The lab I worked in was on one side of the Div School, and the Peabody Museum (home of the Anthro Dept) was on…

Religion and Science: The Non Debate

There is an interesting conversation developing on The Intersection (What Should Science Organizations Say About Religion? Answer: A Lot) to which this is my response: The conversation you have modeled here (people talking past each other … see the original post) is very close to what actually happens in an NCSE like conversation, except that…

Using Social Media to Promote Atheism

Social Media and Atheism …. an Atheist Talk Conversation with Mike Haubrich, Stephanie Zvan and Greg Laden. We talk about trolls too. The rug really ties the conversation together. Click Here to see or download the MP4. Embedded version may or may not be below the fold: