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Watch as documentary filmmaker Vanessa Black visits the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about Big Oil.

The term “Polar Vortex” was thrown around a lot last year, in reference to the persistent mass of very cold air that enveloped much of southern Canada and the US. As you will remember, Rush Limbaugh accused climate scientists and librul meteorologists of making up the polar vortex to scare everyone into thinking climate change…

Check out this new paper in the RNCSE, by John Abraham, John Fasullo, and Me.

Global Warming Means More Lightning

A new study just out in Science suggests that we will have an increase in lightning strikes of about 12 percent for every degree C of global warming. That could add up. From the abstract: Lightning plays an important role in atmospheric chemistry and in the initiation of wildfires, but the impact of global warming…

Warmest October On Record GISS NASA

The data for October has just been added to the NOAA GISS instrument record, which runs from 1880 to the present. October was the warmest on record, just beating out 2005. Overall, it is looking increasingly likely that 2014 will tie or beat the record for warmest year in the instrumental record, in terms of…

Have a look at this new video from Peter Sinclair: Peter has an interview with Jeff Goodell, contributing editor of Rolling Stone, which you will want to see. They talk about the political aspect of sea level rise in Florida. More about sea level rise here.

What can we do about global warming?

It’s all here in this song!

Fred Upton is the incumbent Republican Congressional Representative for southwest Michigan’s 6th district. Upton is considered to be one of Michigan’s most powerful Republicans. He is the Chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, which is an important position in relation to climate change. He has been in the House since being elected in…

This was technically difficult owing to internet conditions but interviewer Vijay Kishore Vaidyanathan did a great job with what he had. In particular he did a great job editing out the constant explosions in the background!