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Giant Shark Freaks Out Oceanographers

The video of the shark is cool, but to me it’s just a video of a shark. But listen to the commentary and you realize that this is a big deal. Five or six meters long, a head a meter wide, something really interesting about its gill slits. I’m glad these guys are having so…

Hybrids of Blind Fish Can See

The loss of sight in cave dwelling species is widely known. We presume that since sight in utter darkness has no fitness value, the mutation of a gene critical to the development of the sense of sight is not selected against. Over time, any population living in darkness will eventually experience experience such mutations, and…

Hagfish: Aphrodisiac of the deep

The Hagfish, or Slime Eel, is said to be an aphrodisiac. Hard evidence that hagfish can enhance sexual prowess is lacking, but this fish can get evolutionary biologists very hot.