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Why do women shop and men hunt?

Or, when the hunting season is closed, watch teh game (the guys), or when there are no sales, admire each other’s shoes (the gals)? This is, of course, a parody of the sociobiological, or in modern parlance, the “evolutionary psychology” argument linking behaviors that evolved in our species during the long slog known as The…

According to those who decide these things. This is what I had assumed would happen assuming that Caster Semenya is an XY person with complete AIS. (see: Caster Semenya’s Gender: What would the science be?) The current news story, just being reported and quite incomplete (and perhaps appropriately so) is from the BBC.

Well, we don’t know because the necessary detailed information has not been released. I do not personally know the Caster Semenya story, medically or biologically speaking, but there has been a lot of discussion and apparently wild speculation on this, and I may have a thing or two to help clarify.

Girls Doing Math

Source and more commentary

Clearly, the whole gay-straight thing is a false dichotomy anyway… And the APA has decided that changing sexual orientation is impossible. That is quite a shift in policy form the days when the information about homosexuality in the psychology literature was all about “abberent” behavior or “perversion” and Teh Gay was confined, in textbooks, to…

Musings on the Aquatic Ape Theory

The Aquatic Ape Theory is being discussed over at Pharyngula. As PZ points out, an excellent resource on this idea is Moore’s site on the topic. Here, I just want to make a few remarks about it.

Math gender gap is not genetic

Or to put it more accurately, yet another study seems to show that girls learn from their teachers, parents, and peers that they are not supposed to be good at math. Sterotypes can be fulfilled. Pleas stop doing that, everyone. Here is some press on this story. University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers continue to find evidence…

Why does a soldier throw himself on a hand grenade to save the lives of a half-dozen unrelated fellow soldiers? Why does someone run into a burning building they happen to be passing to save a child they don’t know? From a Darwinian perspective these seem to be enigmatic behaviors that would “select against” such…

According to a study just coming out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “variations in emotional intelligence–the ability to identify and manage emotions of one’s self and others–are associated with orgasmic frequency during intercourse and masturbation.”

Burn this book

… well, not really, you should not burn any book. But don’t just leave this one around for your kids to accidentally read. Source of book. Hat tip