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How to eat a Taco

It is best to use two hands, and to nod frequently to mom to let her know it’s OK. Also, it’s easier if it’s a Minnesota Taco which is actually a Burrito (but we call Burrito’s “Wraps” here, of course).

Huxley learned a while back how to open doors by, of all things, turning the doorknobs. Amanda thought we should get the devices that go over the doorknobs to thwart his efforts. I thought we should just attach fasteners to the doors and seal them up until he’s eighteen. But, I respected Amanda’s opinion, even…

Huxley Walking: Director’s Cut

He took a couple of tentative steps prior to this, not caught on film. But then we got out the flip and started to do the whole “get the baby’s first step on film thing” and at the same time learn’d him to walk:

Guess what Huxley did today!

He started walking. The following video is his third or fourth real attempt, the first one that went beyond two or three steps and a dive.

He’s already got the hang of it.

The following is rare footage of the Huxley vs. Wilberforce debate. Wilberforce, the one in pink, appears to be on top but he clearly has no chance against the brilliant Huxley.

Huxley learns to speak

We don’t know what he’s saying yet. He might be talking about the book he read yesterday:

Huxley’s first reunion

Huxley at the reunion of the “How To Get Born’d” class. He’s the extra cute one.

How to swaddle a baby

Turn the blanket 45 degrees and fold down the farthest corner. Place baby with neck over the fold. Bring one side of the blanket across baby and tuck in behind. Bring lower extension of blanket up over the baby, and tuck one side into the same side you tucked the side into. Bring the opposite,…