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How Dogs Won The World

Years ago I proposed a theory (not anywhere in print, just in seminars and talks) that went roughly like this. Humans hunt. Dogs hunt. Prey animals get hunted. Each species (or set of species) has a number of characteristics such as the ability to stalk, track, kill, run away, form herds, etc. Now imagine a…

UPDATE: They killed the dog. UPDATE: I’m adding this here because it is my current post on Ebola. Thomas Eric Duncan, the person who became symptomatic with Ebola in Dallas, had died at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (according to news alerts). A nurse’s assistant in Spain caring for Spanish nationals returned with Ebola from…

Why would you want a field guide to all of the carninvores? They live everywhere, so there is no reason to carry around a field identification guide with ALL of them unless you were going everywhere in the whole world on one trip! Yet, there is such a field guide, Carnivores of the World (Princeton…

Cats vs Dogs

Hat tip: Todd.

This is the most challenging time of year for duck watching. But it may be easier than one thinks to bump into a wolf in the forest.

Does your back yard slope up, away from your house, or does it slope down? The likelihood that your yard slopes one way or the other … statistically … depends in large part on what region you live in. (Here I’ll be speaking mainly of the US, but the principle applies broadly.) If you live…

Physics, To A Dog (A poem)

To a dog, a balloon is a rock that floats. To a dog, a lever is a perch for stoats. To a dog, particle decay1 is not about nooks To a dog, gravity is just another way to puke. To a dog, a quantum is a kibble To a dog, a quark is to nibble.…

Which is Better: Cats or Dogs?

Katz: Dawg: OK, so the Dawg obvoiusly wins. Let’s give the katz one more chance:

The Corgi Dog Story

Under the present circumstances, it is clear that I now have to tell my one Welsh Corgi story. This is about a corgi named Dillon.

Super Dog Saves Other Dog

Hat tip: Ana the Blogless