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My Friend Curly and the President Elect

Obamadog. Barack Obama’s first serious mistake since the election. Many of you heard the question at President Elect Obama’s first news conference, which was mainly about the economy, regarding what kind of dog the girls would be getting as per a deal apparently made some time ago. The only safe answer to that question would…

Coming back to the research base camp, one day, in the Ituri Forest (DR Congo) the first thing I noticed was that our cat was quite dead and even stiff. Her neck had been broken by some sort of carnivore, but strangely, she was not eaten. A leopard or some other creature would have eaten…

Nellie McKay: “The Dog Song”

Ian Dunbar: Dog-friendly dog training

A recent study of dog genetics, published in PLoS, seeks to improve the quality of genetic research by better understanding the underlying patterns of genetic variation at the level of specific dog breeds.

Wolves, Coyotes, Pronghorns.

The big, bad wolf could use a few friends. If western states remove the gray wolf from protection under the Endangered Species Act–a decision currently under debate–consequences could be grave. Wyoming and Idaho announced they would reduce their populations of approximately 300 and 700 wolves, respectively, by 50 percent and 80 percent. Amidst the debate,…

Wolves Among Us

Several years ago, I had a conversation with a friend who at that time, like me, spent a lot of time in the Adirondacks in Update New York. This was in the 1970s. He had spent a week or so on cross country skis on the north slope (facing Canada) the previous winter. On his…

Nature News

Hunting Wolves; Killing Elephants

This is a photograph of three Great Pyrenees dogs harassing a brown bear in Northern Norway. This photograph was downloaded by me some time ago from a web site that seems to no longer exist. I’d love to know if anyone knows where this web site is now, or