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If the restaurant was being forced closed by the city making dumb tax-related decisions and the public works department acting almost vindictively against a certain neighborhood, as was the case when JP’s closed, I’d be pissed. If it was a restaurant that was really trying to do well but failed because of the economy or…

It is hard to prove, but the evidence certainly leads in that direction.

Tornado Footage from Minnesota

This is as close as one can get: BTW, I believe it is recommended to NOT hide from a tornado in your car. Here’s some context:

Kelly McCullough, author of the Raverin series (starting with WebMage of fantasy/science fiction and dealing with artificial intelligence, magical computer technology, and mythology) will be making a local appearance here in the Twin Cities. Those of you who have followed the Twin Cities Creation Science Fair story already know the place: Har Mar Shopping Center.…

El Aldeano y El B de Los Aldeanos lanzan sus proyectos independientes, “Viva Cuba Libre” y “Nos Achicharraron” juntos, de manera descargable gratis para sus amigos fieles a través del mundo. Visit Emetrece Productions for more info

If you’ve read everything I’ve written, and studies it closely with a map in hand, you know that I Love Minneapolis and that I have certain connections with certain neighborhoods, including Nokomis Park. Well, the Minnesota Humanists have asked me to give a talk at the park … indoors … on human evolution this Saturday.…

Seventy-One Dead in Minnesota Tragedy

More are expected to die prior to December 17th gathering.

Paul Porter ~ Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique: Feeding Africa With Paul Porter, University of Minnesota Professor in Agronomy and Plant Genetics November 17, 2009 

Friday the thirteenth is a day. This Friday Dark dark dark is a band. Brute heart is another band Fashion Sabbath is a fashion show featuring the works of a bunch of people I don’t know and one person I know quite well. At The Bedlam on the West Bank in Minneapolis. Ten bucks, starts…

Reporters and bloggers rightfully enjoy feeding off of Michel Bachmann’s frequent outrageous remarks, but few have made note of the real problem she poses for the people living in her district.