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My New Old Blog

Before joining, I blogged independently at “Evolution … not just a theory anymore.” That was a cool name for a blog, but I didn’t transfer the name to Scienceblogs because there were already a whole bunch of blogs with “Evolution” in the name. There was a lot of stuff on that blog, mostly not…

This is about Google’s policy of only allowing “real” names for participants on Google+. Before I go into why this is evil, I want to point out without providing any details that I’ve already spotted dozens of pseudonymous people on Google+ that Google+ authorities have missed. So, their policy, as implemented, is absurd to a…

Haeckle, Health, and Humanism

Does Haeckel get your hackles up? Just thumb your nose at him. Health Insurance Execs Face White House Grilling Humanism is not a religion

Did you know….

Gay Men Remember Faces Better Than Straight Men Do Fruit fly sleep. The US government is at it again! (regarding GMOs) Nature photography is hard, but if done properly, the results will blow you away.

Weizmann Blogs

The Weizmann Institute of Science is a basic research institute in Rehovot, Israel. About 2,700 graduate students, scientists and staff work in 100 buildings on a 300-acre campus. There are five faculties: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry and Mathematics and Computer Science; as well as the Feinberg Graduate School and an educational arm – the Davidson…

Links of interest

Have a look at this video regarding creationist shenanigans on YouTube. Overview of the upcoming Sketpics’ Confernce in Oslo. Here. Invasive species get silly: Invasive Species and Botanical Xenophobia


Photographs from Luis Castillo’s “Michael Jackson Legacy Concert.” Today is World Environment Day Ajkaceratops, the dinosaur.

The June Wikio Rankings

Here is a sneak preview of what the June Wikio rankings for Science Blogs is going to look like:

While we’re waiting for Ask the Science Blogger to get off the ground, let’s see what is already out there:

Anti-Vax Discussion and Action.

Discussion: PalMD, in Too many too soon?, compares the ravings Jenny McCarthy and her friends to actual scientific research. PZ Myers asks you to visit an Anti Vax poll. Here.