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Discussing skepchickalism

Slandering the Skepchick bloggers (un)Becoming the Borg

OpenLab 2009 is done!

OpenLab 2009 is a compilation of fifty blog posts chosen from several hundred nominated for 2009. For the second time I was a judge for OpenLab, and I can tell you that it is a shame to see only 50 selections given that many more than this number were clearly worthy. But that is what…

New Scienceblogs Dot Com Blogs

Christina Agapakis is now blogging at Oscillator… and has some interesting stuff for you. Click her to visit. Vince LiCata is blogging at The Worlds’ Fair. Go say hey. And then there is this blog, which is meant to be a sort of repository for Science Online 10 stuff.

What is the role of culture in defining differences? Check this out. Gender differences: blue for boys and pink for girls? Check this out. Not all stars are created equal.

Yes, There Are Religious Scientists, and They Aren’t the Enemy The Three Musketeers of Woo attack science-based medicine Deconstructing Social Darwinism, Part II Fox News: volcanic coal kills off dinosaurs before they even evolved

Items of Interest

Rush Limbaugh is OK. Latest report here. Does HP make racist computers? Gendered Color Dichotomies with science toys at Toys R Us

PZ Myers Swarmed by Kliqueons!!!11!!

Somebody is wrong on the Internet again, and it might be interesting enough to check out. It involved PZ Myers, Isis the Scientist, terrifiedtabetic, Stephanie Zvan, a few commenters, and it is all about Peter Watts getting beat up by border guards while crossing into the United States. I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty…

On Scienceblogs ….

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah starts tonight, as you probably know. This is the celebration of the Jewish version of Peak Oil. My family will be celebrating Hanukkah Sunday night (though we probably won’t go with the newborn) but you can celebrate now by visiting two interesting blog posts and reflecting on their meaning: White Coat Undeground: Just a…

Science Bloggers on Teh Stoopid

Hey, it turns out Zicam works! Oh, no, wait, it just causes you to lose your sense of smell. Maybe. –> New Zicam study shows possible mechanism for anosmia YA Virgin Mary Sighting –> O Most Holy Pancake! Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just some kind of freakin’ moron? –>…