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Al Franken’s daughter just had a baby, so congratulations to them! Joseph Bryson Greenwald, 6 lbs 11 oz. We are awaiting word on the baby’s length.

As you know, Michele Bachmann, Congressperson for Minnesota’s Sixth District, has announced that she will not seek re-election to her seat in Washington DC. Bachmann almost lost her re-election to challenger Jim Graves last year. I’m convinced that had the election been held a few weeks later, Graves would have won. Recently, internal polling data…

Today is Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s Birthday. In honor of that, I’m reposting this historically accurate and important essay, which first appeared on this blog on April 23, 2009 at 3:56PM: I personally put Al Franken in the Senate Al Franken is about to be seated as the Junior Senator from Minnesota after a long…

I am so happy Al is my Senator.

One Year Ago in Minnesota:

Coleman Steps Aside: Franken is Senator Let us not forget, Coleman was an absolute jerk during the whole process. And,he was a sucky senator. Subsequent to Franken’s establishment in office, he has proven himself equal to the best. Indeed, his lack of experience in elected office in general and the senate in particular is rather…

Don’t mess with Al, man.

… or … Republicans Attack Franken for Opposing Rape No, no … maybe this .. Thirty Senate Republicans Prefer Rape over Justice Or perhaps … Al Franken Does Right Thing: Republicans Get Mad Oh, forget it. I’ll never decide on a title for this post. Just watch the story:

Why Support Al Franken?

First, watch this

Al Franken Reads Riot Act to DOJ Official

Well, not the Riot Act, but the Fourth Amendment.