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Al Franken Reads Riot Act to DOJ Official

Well, not the Riot Act, but the Fourth Amendment.

Dusty Trice has some brilliant reporting. Here’s his film: Read his detailed report and analysis here.

Health Care Event in Saint Paul Friday

Yesterday, I called Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar and expressed my support for the public option in Heath Care. If you are a Minnesotan, please do that too. Al’s number is 651-221-1016. If you are not a Minnesotan, call Al anyway as he is on the Health Education Labor and Pensions committee. Use his DC…

Al Franken on the Supreme Court

Hat Tip: Javier

In any event, more people seem to like Al Franken than who voted for him … if we compare the 42% of the vote he got with the 49% approval rating he now has. (details) This is partly a function of increased favorablity following the nasty recount process, but is also reminds us of something…

Al Franken’s Sotomayor Remarks

Al’s First Big Thingie:

I give you Senator Al Franken

Here is Al Franken being sworn in to the U. S. Senate:

Today, Al Franken goes to Washington. And we helped. Now, it is time to kick his ass. This is the difference between the dittoheads who will follow the anointed head of the Republican Party into a big pile of dogshit if he so orders them and us. They follow their sens less leaders, they stomp…

Help Al Franken One More Time!!!!

I just got an email from my close personal friend, Al Franken. Here’s part of it (I cut out the personal smushy stuff): I’ve said it before, and I want to say it again: THANK YOU. We just received word that the Minnesota State Supreme Court has ruled on Norm Coleman’s appeal. I wanted to…

UPDATE: COLEMAN CONCEDES The Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected a legal challenge by Norm Coleman, thereby leaving the vote count determined by an election contest judicial panel placing Franken in the lead standing. The basis of the Coleman legal challenge is was essentially that all abentee votes shoudl be counted no matter what, because they…