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Is Obama really a Muslim?

Or is he merely …. an atheist?

Modally speaking of course. And those are utterly different modes so the title of this post is of course nonsense. But, we do have some interesting data. This is from the Gallup Pole of weekly job approval by demographic groups. The main thing this poll shows is that Obama has high job approval ratings, and…

As usual, the press gets it all wrong

People deride Americans for being politically sloppy thinkers, and for having short memories. This derision may be well deserved, but the flakiness of American citizens in relation to politics is perhaps easily explained.

Threats Against Obama

Continuing on with our theme of anti-Obama wackaloonery, including the inherent racism involved in that, there is not additional evidence that there are indeed more death threats against our President than usual. From the Boston Globe:

If you don’t like Hardball, you won’t like this. But Matthews is right. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Hmmm… Do I go along with Rush Limberger and Faux News? Or do I go along with … Rachel? Most people don’t get what the Nobel Peace Prize is. I tried to tell you. Some of you didn’t get it. Maybe if Rachel tells you you’ll get it. Visit for Breaking News, World News,…

If you are a right wing Republican conservative Yahoo, this letter is NOT for you. If you are a moderate, progressive, liberal, centrist, or anyone associated with the legitimate (i.e., not FOX News) press, this IS for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I published a very controversial post titled “Maybe We Should Have Elected a White President After All” about the ongoing, possibly growing racism in connection with Obama’s presidency. The idea that a lot of the anti-Obama, including anti-health care reform, rhetoric and action was racially motivated was understood by some…

Let the Post 9/11 World be Over

Joe Wilson is a child of 9/11. When he shouted “Liar” in that crowded theater … the joint session of the House and Senate being addressed by President Obama … he did so as a proud white southern man angry at his country for electing a black liberal president in this time of crisis, that…

It turns out that our president is totally African. How cool is that? No wonder he’s so much less stupid than the average American (as you know, Westerners tend to be dumbed down quite a bit by their stupid culture).