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Tea party clarifies its position on race and racism. Not current, but increasingly relevant:

Hateful people. Stupid people. The “I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy any more” kind of person. OMFG. I am sorry, fellow humans, who happen to be Muslim. Reminds me of this.

Wanna know what tabagging racism sounds like? Go to about 2 minutes, listen through 4 minutes or so. Back story at Think Progress

Do we take the N-word out of Twain?

The local station ran a “good question” piece (where they address some question they deem as good) to ask: “Is it OK to edit a classic” but they really were speaking of “is it OK to take the N-word out of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (and, as one proposal goes, replace it with the…

The recount process for the Minnesota Gubernatorial Race starts this week. The national political significance of this recount is simply not as great as the Senatorial recount two years ago. That recount determined the balance of power in Washington, sort of. It also determined the insertion into the Senate of someone clearly destine by his…

OMFG. Words fail me.

As I watched this, I decided to post it on my blog, and then my mind went through a series of possible titles for the post, but there were so many yet so few that would be appropriate. This lady is obviously crazy. Frankly, perhaps the mail carrier is crazy for not driving off with…

Hat tip Elliot Myrick

Utterly Crazy Racist Nonsense

In regards to Jim Russell, Republican Congressional candidate.

How social networks predict epidemics

You will recall my post: A genetic cause of rapid degeneration in some Alzheimer’s patients. Well, now it (the topic) is a Ted Video. But before you watch it, I need to take down Nicholas Christakis for saying the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. No, Nicholas, it is not true in any way whatsoever…

The question is being asked, Will Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Widen Health Inequalities? in a Policy Forum essay in the OpenAccess Journal PLoS Medicine.