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Robot Dreams

Well, not really dreams. More like, Robots taking over the world because they don’t need humans any more to figure stuff out for them. This is not entirely new … we’ve heard some news of this before. What concerns me, of course, is that once the robots can think for themselves … well, you know…

The end is near

Any time now …. The Singularity Approachith. From the same people who gave you the “I don’t like it when you touch me that way” robot, we have this: Click on the picture. Also, notice that you can get 3.14 bucks off a subscription to Seed because it’s Pi Day! Listen to me. When the…

Ice Cream Robot

Two guys in a robot suit?

… nope … … but where’s it going? To the store to get milk? Hunting for dinner? Ice fishing? To take over the world??? Don’t you think they should program it to go “Shit!” when it slips a little and “Whoaaaaaa…whoaaa!” when it is sliding around on ice, and “Whoopeeeee!” when it is galloping?

Mountain Climbing Robot

Radio Controlled Robot Bar

Mobile Bar – BaR2D2 – Watch more free videos

What would Klatu do? Hat tip: Geekology

Future Space Robot Revealed

It jumps. It rolls. It could be coming soon to a planet near you. Designed by biomimetics researcher Rhodri Armour at the University of Bath, the Jollbot is a spherical cage that can roll in any direction. If it can’t go around an obstacle, it goes over. To jump, the cage compresses and springs open…

A robot controlled by a blob of rat brain cells could provide insights into diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Created at the University of Reading, the project marries 300,000 rat neurons to a robot that navigates via sonar. The neurons are now being taught to steer the robot around obstacles and avoid the walls of the…

We wants our BUGs…. yessss

Why is it that I always discover my perfect birthday present right after my birthday. I’m talkin’ bugs. They are reviewed in the current Linux Journal (no link … I’m talking about this thing on paper … current issue, August 2008, Issue 172). Well, there is a web site you can go to (references below).…