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emacs for writers: org mode

After a little messing around with interesting emacs goodies, we might as well get right on to the good stuff. emacs uses a concept called “modes.” You’ll learn about that if you use emacs. For now, what you need to know is that there are “major modes” and “minor modes” and we’re only interested in…

The kill ring is the emacs clip board. I admit that I hardly ever use it in the ways for which it is designed, but I probably should. As you “kill” text (i.e., delete) it gets tacked onto the kill ring, from which you can “yank” it later (yes, this is some sort of religious…

emacs for writers: a few tips

I use word processors like OpenOffice Word as others use page layout software: Only when I want certain control over the final product, want it fast, and don’t demand too much of the product. For regularly produced formatted text I use some version of LaTex, but most of the twentythousandzillion words I write a week…

Emacs Column Editing from Mark Mansour on Vimeo.

Emacs Sunday Sermon: Emacs Aquamacs

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