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Wouldn’t that be great? Hey, there’s an Ubuntu Christian Edition, an Ubuntu Muslim Edition, and another Ubuntu Christian Edition. Why not an Atheistubuntu? Or a Skeptibuntu? or, more usefully, I would think, Sciencebunutu with Atheistic tendencies? (And for those of you who like to cross certain boundaries there could be a Science Fiction Edition. Called,…

What is Markdown and why use it?

The joys of markdown are many. Markdown is a formatting “language” like HTML that you can use to specify the final appearance of text. When you use a “word processor” like Microsoft Word or Writer, the text you generate is “marked up” (or “marked down” as it were) with formatting codes that determine how…

Robert Gentleman and Donald Nickelson have joined the board of REvolution Computing. Gentleman is co-creator of this OpenSource statistical package which is widely used by researchers. The news was released moments ago, and here is a press release from the company:

Although if Microsoft wasn’t the Gorilla in the Room example of Proprietary the contrast may not be as stark. Maybe…. JH at Linux in Exile discusses the anti-Google “bug” in IE that MS left in place for months.

Now that USB 3.0 is out, when will Linux get it?

The Freesound Project

If you haven’t seen, ah, heard it, you should check it out. Free sounds. For free.

Ubuntu, Imma gonna let you be my operating system, but first, I gotta ask you to stop acting more like Windows with every new release. K?

How To Use Linux ~ 04 Instalilng Software

This is the fourth in a series of posts on using Ubuntu Linux specifically written for that select group of people who are smart but non-geek computer users who are using Linux because they are. Just are.

I’ve assembled links to a few sites that people new to Linux should consider exploring.

How To Use Linux ~ 03 Files

This is the third in our six or seven part series on how to use Linux if you are a regular smart person who needs a functioning computer but is not a geek. Today, a few items to know about files.