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Copy.com (Barracuda) is shutting down

Suddenly my computer tells me that copy.com is shutting down as a cloud storage service. That sucks, since I had a few terabytes of free storage with them. I will now have to seek an alternative. What are your experiences with cloud storage, free or otherwise?

Dropbox for iPhone

I know you probably already knew this, but I just discovered it and it works so well I wanted to pass it on. I installed Dropbox on my iPhone. Dropbox (in its current incarnation) more or less assumes that you are doing this to handle photographs. You have the option of forcing Dropbox to only…

I would wager that you don’t know where many of your most important files are. If you are into music, and use iTunes, you can’t find a particular song file using your file manager. You would need to locate it using iTunes. iTunes would then give you limited access to that file. It does not…