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Or, at least, I’m surprised that this earlier implemented solution has not been mentioned in all the discussion about NSA spying. Richard Stallman invented an approach to obviating the NSA’s attempts to spy on email. He included it in emacs, the world’s greatest text editor. Here how it works, from the manual. The “M” is…

Check out this “How I Work” video by Ryan McGeary:

(‘John ‘McCarthy)

(‘born ‘1927) (‘championed ‘ai) (‘created ‘lisp) (‘thought-up ‘space-elevator) (‘won ‘turing-award) (‘died ‘oct-23-2011)

Column Editing in Emacs (cua mode)

This is very nice: hat tip: Got Emacs?

Land Of Lisp Book Giveaway

You will recall that I recently reviewed the book Land of Lisp. It turns out I’ve got two copies of it, and would like to give one away. To you. As a bounty.

A List Of Lisp and Emacs Books

Land of Lisp: Learn to Program in Lisp, One Game at a Time! is a book about lisp programming. If you are into programming for fun, artificial intelligence, role playing games, or an emacs user, you should take a look at this book. I’ve got some info on this book as well as a few…

I have a small laptop that I carry to the coffee shop for writing. It is a bit shaky in the hardware department, very small, and has no functioning wireless. The hard drive is encrypted. These attributes together make it the perfect laptop to carry around between, say, the gym, the coffee shop, the grocery…

How come nobody told me about this!!!!

emacs for writers: org mode

After a little messing around with interesting emacs goodies, we might as well get right on to the good stuff. emacs uses a concept called “modes.” You’ll learn about that if you use emacs. For now, what you need to know is that there are “major modes” and “minor modes” and we’re only interested in…

The kill ring is the emacs clip board. I admit that I hardly ever use it in the ways for which it is designed, but I probably should. As you “kill” text (i.e., delete) it gets tacked onto the kill ring, from which you can “yank” it later (yes, this is some sort of religious…