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I have no doubt IOS 8 will be great. In fact, that rhymes. But the nature of the beast dictates that certain Apple-endemic problems will arise for some people. Handoff Continuity One of the new features is “Handoff” which allows the seamless integration of all of your computing machinery, including regular computers, iPhones, iPads, etc.…

I know of a couple of cases where high schools are switching to the use of iPads or other tablets, replacing existing computer infrastructure with the handy and very cool computing device. When it comes to technology, I’ve never been particularly impressed with school administrations, and K-12 technology departments tend to be a little under-resourced…

Damn them. The Kindle Fire is about the same price as the higher end Kindle that I bought Julia just before her trip overseas…. oh well.

The iPad and Skeptical Computing

I’m going to make an argument that you should buy an Apple iPad despite widespread rumors of hardware problems and despite widespread criticisms of its design as funky and flawed. And by “you” I mean yooz guyz who are skeptics.