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As a person who only recently started sing an iMac, I find myself wanting to know the keyboard shortcuts for apps I’m using almost every work session. CheatSheet by Stefan F├╝rst is a great way to do that. Pressing and holding the command key while Cheat Sheet is running brings up what looks to me…

Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Naturally, I use Google Calendar from the command line or from within emacs, but when I get stuck in a browser, I like the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you don’t know about them. They are rather amazing, but also a bit quirky.

How to be more keyboardy: Update

Being more keyboardy is good. The mouse is good, too. But if you can do more things with the keyboard, those things will usually happen faster and with less mucking around. Also, it is very, very cool to sit there and go “tap tap tap” and have stuff happen on the screen without the mouse.…