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Utah has gay marriage. Say no more. It’s officially over at the highest levels, folks. You can’t spend decades legislating and ordering equality from the chambers of congress, statehouses, and the benches of the high courts before, eventually, it becomes part of our culture to assume that the state and society supports equality even if…

Racism at Hopkins High

Hopkins High School is one of the top public schools in Minnesota, which prides itself, though not always with justification, as having excellent public schools. Hopkins is in an “outer ring” suburb of the Twin Cities. This is a set of bedroom communities developed over the last several decades as well-to-do city folk moved out…

You probably already know that when Obama won the presidency a large number of people, many teenagers, tweeted racist comments about that. Funny story: I found out about the use of the n-word in relation to the re-elected President in one person’s tweet, so I figured I’d investigate. I went to twitter and entered the…

Jean Philippe Rushton is Dead

No matter how much one may have disagreed with a colleague in life, no matter how much damage one might feel a particular person’s work may have done, when that colleague finally dies one says a few good words, pays respect, and puts aside past differences.

This post started out as a comment that would have gone here, but it became sufficiently long and possibly interesting that I figured it would make a good, if somewhat rough, blog post.

Rushton on Race and IQ

As previously noted, J. Philippe Rushton has made the argument that the brain size of “Blacks” is about 1267 cc’s, and for whites it is about 1347 CC’s. It has also been noted that Rushton claims that the average IQ of Blacks is 85 and he average IQ of whites is 100. But does Rushton…

Is Negro a Derogatory Term?

Some people say yes, some people say no. Either way, Glen Beck is a Racist Moron. First, watch this:

Average Brain Size for the Three Races

Philipe Rushton, in his book Race, Evolution and Behavior, reports average brain size for the three races. The following is the graph from Rusthton’s book:

Well, yes. But the question raises some interesting points.

This is Chart 1 from Race, Evolutoin and Behavior by J. Philippe Rushton, originally published in the Unabridged Edition of same.