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Evil Speaks: Warriors and Watchers Saga by S. Woffington is a new scifi/fantasy novel with an interesting twist. If there is a Bechdel Test for ableism, it would pass. This is an interesting story written for youthful readers (see publisher’s summary below) that is well written and mostly devoid of the usual plot holes we…

Will the Second Season of Stranger Things be as good as, or better than, the first? I suspect not, but I don’t say this because I don’t trust the actors, the director, the writers, or the producers, to do an excellent job. I say this simply because Stranger Things 1 was a) so very good…

Bounty hunter Jahdo Kyn intends to start a new life, but in order to leave his troubled past behind he has to buy himself a new future. He has a plan, but as his plan develops he discovers a dilemma, one that requires him to make choices he is not well-prepared to make. This is…

The Sungudogo Page

I have made a page for Sungudogo. This is the novel I wrote and will be releasing into the wild shortly. I’ll be deciding on a “release date” soon and I’ll let you know. In the mean time, if you want to get a feel for what the book is about, visit the Sungudogo Page!

Name the actor and the show

I just happen to come across this interesting cameo and snapped this fair use impromptu screen shot… Who is it, what show is this, and if you are that good, what episode! ___________ posted from my iPad

I hope these stories are not related to each other