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The Republican Party and its handlers, including the right wing talk radio jocks such as Rush Limbaugh, and the bought-and-paid-for media such as FOX news, did not create the Tea Party. Michele Bachmann and a few others did that.* But once the Tea Party got going, mainstream conservative Republicans, including and especially leaders in Congress,…

This is Denise Bader, who is running against a very extreme Tea Party candidate:

Michele Bachmann Could Be Replaced

For various reasons, it has been difficult for the Democrats in Minnesota (called “DFLers”) to unseat Republican Congressional Representative Michele Bachmann. This has been partly because the candidates put up were not properly selected (probably) and partly because the people in her district simply liked her. Personally, I think her district started to like her…

First, watch this:

Tucson Massacre Updates

A few new bits of information mainly from CNN: Giffords is able to respond to “simple commands” which causes “cautious optimism” among the Neurosurgeons. Giffords is the only person remaining of the wounded to remain in critical condition. Three are in serious condition, six fair, one released. The “Suspected Suspect of Suspicion” … the second…