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Dropbox is still the best way for most users to store their files on multiple computers and in “the cloud” in part because it is system agnostic and not linked to a corporate entity that has other plans for you. And, using Dropbox you can share files pretty easily as well. However, there is another…

Technology Film Fest

Here we have a handful of great technological marvels depicted in small videos.

Orville the cat was named after Orville Wright, and when he died, Bart Jansen, the cant’s “owner” taxidermied him and, in collaboration with Radio Controlled Flying Objects expert Arjen Beltman, they converted Orville the cat into a working helicopter. From the daily mail: Jansen said the Orvillecopter is ‘half cat, half machine’, and part of…

The iPad and Skeptical Computing

I’m going to make an argument that you should buy an Apple iPad despite widespread rumors of hardware problems and despite widespread criticisms of its design as funky and flawed. And by “you” I mean yooz guyz who are skeptics.