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Yes. Not only that, but we can’t separate climate change from any single weather event that ever happens, anywhere, no matter what. So just stop saying that we can’t. Here’s a thought experiment to explain why this is true. Imagine that climate science is like it is today with a few significant exceptions. First, humans…

The Greening

Spring is an ecological phenomenon of weather and biota linked to orbital geometry. More importantly, spring is here, as of this very moment, in Anoka County, Minnesota.

When is Tornado Season?

This story: 10 tornadoes confirmed in Ga., including one with winds topping 160 mph Ten tornadoes, one packing winds of more than 160 mph, touched down in parts of Georgia on Wednesday, the National Weather Service said Friday. The storms caused an estimated $25 million in insured losses, said John W. Oxendine, the state’s insurance…