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ConeHead Bill?

A friend saw this story and asked what is happening with my own little power bill drama. Since several others of you have also asked, I thought I’d let you all know that I checked my bill status online yesterday, worried that there would be a notice there saying that Harry and Guido were waiting…

I am pleased to see some people visiting this site because Scientific Life was listed as a finalist in the Koufax Awards’ “Most Deserving of Wider Recognition” category. Even though I put a notification on my original site regarding my relocation, it is gratifying to see that a few of you are actually trickling in…

10,000 Visits Already!

I posted my first message here on the 12th of this month and after only 12 days, 10,000 people have visited my site (thanks for the links, PZ)! I am excited! I can hardly wait for 100,000! Thanks for reading, everyone!

Okay guys, if you had a choice between having a big brain or big .. er, testes .. which would you choose?

2006 Bloggies

Scientific Life was nominated for several “Bloggie” Award categories, but it is not a finalist for any of them. In fact, none of the blogs listed as finalists have primarily scientific content, unfortunately! But nonetheless, there are some excellent examples of weblogs represented there, including several blogs that I regularly read and nominated. The best…

empty room

Sun in an Empty Room by Edward Hopper (1963). (click image for desktop wallpaper). no loneliness, space Morris to New York City no space, loneliness tags: haiku, Edward Hopper, Empty room

Fly Away

Rainbow Bee-eater, Merops ornatus. (click on image for a slightly larger version in its own window). This visit is the best gift I’ve ever received. Heartfelt thanks to John and MA for the providing these broken wings with the gift of flight, Hernan (the bullfighter) for caring for the parrots, Tom for a terrific meal,…

99% Evil

I have finally accomplished something of value; using the the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is, I discovered that the gematriculator has declared Scientific Life to be 99% evil. . tags: online quiz, silliness

Even though today is Saturday, my site meter tells me that Scientific Life is getting hundreds more hits than usual, even if this was a weekday (Scientific Life received more than 1,100 hits by noon, NYC time). So, worried that last night’s party with PZ and pals was more entertaining than I recalled, I had…