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Texas Law

Male Black-faced Dacnis, Dacnis lineata lineata. Photo taken on the banks of the Corentyne River, which forms the Guyana-Suriname border (see map, below). Photo courtesy of Tony Henneberg. (Click image for larger view in its own window)

Birds in the News #48

Note: On 4 March, Birds in the News will be one year old! The newest Archaeopteryx fossil. Click image for a slightly larger view in its own window.

Stunningly, the Fundamentalist State of South Dakota has enacted a ban on all abortions under any circumstances. According to the news story;

A Gift from a Friend

This was sent by a friend and colleague who actually likes the weasel .. er, cough, man .. in the picture, so I am guessing that he is trying to cheer me up. Thanks, R. Yes, I did smile a little bit, although I never will understand how you can approve of his administration’s arrogance…

Seen Today in NYC

As I was walking to the library, I saw a van parked on Columbus Street, near 82nd. This old, formerly white van, the lower third of which was covered with reddish mud, had the following written on it; Please bathe me. I am ashamed of what the other vehicles are saying.

The Evolution-Creation Struggle

Even though Michael Ruse is an evolutionary philosopher, he also is a self-described deist, so I probably should have been ready to be disappointed. Instead of saving my hard-earned money, I optimistically purchased his book, The Evolution-Creation Struggle (2005, Harvard University Press), with the expectation that it would explain the history that underlies the conflict…

Carnival of the Godless Available

I finally escaped domestic misery (laundry; a necessary evil that, in NYC during the winter, requires cross country skiing gear, assorted pocket warmers lest my digits freeze off, and a pack animal — I prefer a llama because they are cute and fuzzy, and can climb stairs) and discovered that the Carnival of the Godless,…

I Can’t Wait Until 2008 ..

Today, I received a book about Darwin in the mail that is hot off the presses (release date: 7 march 2006). I will post a review of this book sometime late this week. I also just finished browsing “the big three” journals (Nature, Science and PNAS) for the week so I will have some cool…

Appreciate Your Sistahs Week

Thanks, Cheri, for making me smile.