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Tell Me What To Do, Bill!

This cartoon, by blogger Stephanie McMillan, sums up the situation in South Dakota quite nicely regarding the general stupidity of women and their inability to make their own choices. Oh, did women also help to vote Bill Napoli into office? Well, I rest my case!

Incidentally, the phone numbers in the cartoon are real, taken from the South Dakota Senate web site. You should try them out tonight as you plan your dinner menu for your family. After all, isn’t that why Bill is a public servant; to provide his constant and enlightened guidance to ensure that we all do the right thing, always?


  1. #1 donna
    March 24, 2006

    All we need now is for someone to turn “Tell Me What to do, Bill!” into an advice blog….

  2. #2 Mark
    March 25, 2006

    While I agree with the position of this particular entry, I find it somewhat odd that Stephanie McMillan’s cartoon is being promoted on scienceblogs considering her incredible ignorance on nearly any scientific issue presented in Minimum Security. Here are a few notable examples:

    Evil Scientists dissect animals because they’re sadists

    Evil CDC poisons your children because they’re greedy

    Big Pharma suppressing chinese herbal tea for profit

    I think there’s something in there about irradiated mutant tomatoes, but I forget where.

    It goes on and on. Really just a pile of trite, knee jerk reactions to current events with no original thought. And the evil faces with sharp teeth become quite tiresome after the first hundred times. We get it already. Anybody who isn’t an SUV vandalizing vegan is eeeevil.

  3. #3 GrrlScientist
    March 26, 2006

    heh, great idea.

  4. #4 Joy
    March 27, 2006

    This cartoon is rather funny. Thanks for sharing it. This bill shows how backward South Dakota is in terms of progress, and the freedom of choice. Truly sad.

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