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Tangled Bank Available

The Tangled BankTangled Bank, issue 52, is now available at The Innoculated Mind. This time, it has a Star Wars theme (complete with the streaming soundtrack) and I, as a proud fighter against the Evil Emperor, am referred to as “GrrrlJedi”.

Because I am a Jedi, I will tell you my light saber color (below the fold)

What Color is your lightsaber?

Orange. This is mainly held by Jedi Sentienls in the Council. They use half combat half force to get things done or at least usually. The Crystal that creates the orange colors is pretty rare compared to the common colors of Red, Blue, and Green. Jedi who use this color usually do some of the good and also some of the bad.
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What’s your saber color?


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    April 27, 2006

    One n in Inoculated. 🙂

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