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Birds in the News 55 (v2n6)

Male magnolia warbler, Dendroica magnolia. This image appears here with the kind permission of the photographer, Pamela Wells. Click image for larger view in its own window.

Predaceous Diving Beetle. This image appears here with the kind permission of the photographer, Bev Wigney. Recently, some bird pals of mine have been discussing some “large bugs” that have been making their appearance “everywhere”. They finally settled on the insect’s identity as a Predaceous Diving Beetle, which is a member of the insect family,…

The Peace of Wild Things

Male wood duck, Aix sponsa. Resized (Click image for a truly larger view in its own window). Photographer: Although it is incredibly difficult to choose, this is probably my favorite poem that I’ve ever read.

Thanks, Dawn! tags: humor, cartoon, FEMA


Branch of White Peonies, with Pruning Shears (1864) by Edouard Manet. I have always loved (and written) poetry, but on those days following September 11, 2001, I first read a poem by Mary Oliver, who immediately became one of my two favorite living poets. I was in Seattle Center on several of the most silent…

Alfred Russel Wallace collected this specimen of an adult male Red Bird of Paradise, Paradisea rubra. Museum Victoria (Australia), Ornithology Collection. Photographer: Rodney Start. I first read this poem in a natural history museum, where I worked awhile ago.

Today’s issue of the top-tier journal, Science, has a special online portal to its current issue about influenza, including several excellent articles about avian influenza. This issue is free to the public if you register with them.

Tomorrow is Earth Day

The Nature Conservancy has set up a webpage where you can make a difference on Earth Day 2006 by sharing a message of hope for the planet. When you share your Earth Day message, you’ll become part of the Conservancy’s free online community, the Great Places Network. Also, your message may be highlighted on The…


I assume that all my Americans visitors have filed their income taxes by now? Well, if not, just nod your head up and down anyway because the IRS has been looking at my blog this past week (yikes) and who knows what sort of spyware they might be testing!

Photographer: Julian Humphries. Thanks for sending the photo, Dawn!