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Sheep Dash!

Lack of sleep can affect your reaction times. This is a cute online game that tests how alert you are and also reveals the impact of a cup of tea or coffee on your performance. What was your reaction time? Did it improve after a cup of coffee or tea?

What’s New in My Zoo

I am sorry for my relative silence, but I have been experiencing several troubles recently. First, and worst, a stranger on the sidewalk bumped into me and knocked my laptop out of my hands such that it fell to the pavement, where it dented one corner and compromised the structural integrity of the metal case.…

This is an interesting story from my favorite part of the world: why did this lake at the top of a once-dormant volcano suddenly turn red? Is this the result of a chemical reaction? (That’s my guess). Volcanologists were puzzled today about why a lake atop a rumbling volcano on the South Pacific island of…

Bird Populations

The Institute for Bird Populations announced that its journal, Bird Populations, will become entirely electronic beginning with its upcoming issue. First published in 1993, Bird Populations fills a major gap in the scientific literature because no other technical publication is dedicated to the study of dynamic avian demography and biogeography from a global perspective. This…

Birds in the News 60 (v2n11)

Black-throated green warbler, Dendroica virens. Image appears here with the kind permission of the photographer, Pamela Wells. Click image for larger view in its own window.

Blog Carnival Available

I have been working on Birds in the News for several hours already on this humid day, so I thought I was the only one writing a blog entry today. I was wrong. The Big Apple Blog Festival, issue 33, is now available for your reading pleasure. As the name suggests, this carnival is all…

Mothership Question #4

The mothership recently began asking us a question each week and then linking to our answers each Wednesday in a blog carnival-like format from the staff blog, Stochastic. (more about the rules here). This week’s question is; Since they’re funded by taxpayer dollars (through the NIH, NSF, and so on), should scientists have to justify…

Birds in the News, Postponed

Birds in the News has been postponed until tomorrow, when it will appear at the usual time.

Thanks to my blog sibling, Orac, I now know how I will die; What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die? You will be sucked dry by a leech. I’d stay away from swimming holes, and stick to good old cement. Even if it does hurt like hell when your toe scrapes the bottom.Take this…

Manhattan Sunset

Manhattan Sunset, 2001. Click here for larger image in its own window. Image: Neil deGrasse Tyson/AMNH.