Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Blog Carnival Orgasm 2

Since the world ended today, I am guessing that all of us (and our blogs) have been collectively elevated to a higher plane of being without our knowledge, unless we experienced The Rapture during our sleep. That might explain this morning’s king-sized headache. Anyway, whatever happened, it was a true non-event, since today is, as it was yesterday and the day before and the day before that, “business as usual.” And part of that business as usual is .. blog carnivals!

The 24th edition of the carnival devoted to celebrating the best blog writing about birds, I and the Bird, is now available. It is hosted by Carel, author of Rigor Vitae, which gets its name from the book (read my review) with the same name. This is a truly wonderful blog carnival because it features Carel’s artwork, one piece for each contribution, a piece that he plans to autograph and snailmail to each contributor. I can hardly wait to get my autographed picture in the mail!

It’s more a “insider meme” than a true carnival, but Ask a Science Blogger is being published as blog carnival for the time by the mothership. As I alluded, this is different from a blog carnival because all of us are asked a specific question every week and our responses are linked from the Seed support staff’s blog, Stochastic. The third edition is now available. Don’t forget; you are encouraged to send your questions to the good peeps at AskaScienceBlogger.

[Brief note: there are an unusual number of fighter jets and military cargo planes zooming low over Manhattan during the past 18 hours, do you suppose they are patrolling for that evil comet in the hopes they can blow it up before it plops down upon Wall Street?]