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Blog Carnival Available

I have been working on Birds in the News for several hours already on this humid day, so I thought I was the only one writing a blog entry today. I was wrong. The Big Apple Blog Festival, issue 33, is now available for your reading pleasure. As the name suggests, this carnival is all about NYC, what it’s like to live here, what people do to entertain themselves, where they go, and on and on. Oddly, especially in view of the fact that there are 9 million people living in NYC, and there are thousands of blog writers here, this carnival has become rather sporadic in its publication schedule for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. I thought there were thousands of stories to write about in NYC! So where did my NYC blog peeps disappear to? Nonetheless, there are some interesting entries listed there, including a few by me that might interest you.

If you live in NYC or have visited and have written something about NYC life, or if you have taken some photos of NYC that you’d like to share, please do submit them to the editor for the Big Apple Blog Festival.